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Posted in May 2008 with tags , , , , , , , on May 2, 2008 by globalglamour

Hey peeps…I know it’s been such a long time but, I’ve been studying my bloody arse off all this time (I know too shocking to believe!)! Anyway…just to let you lil’ people know…I’m going back to England next Wednesday and I can’t fucking wait!!!

Hehehe…I’m going to go shopping at H&M, have fish and chips at the Pier and ….shit…take them bloody EXAMS!!

Oh…hmmm…well best get studying again!

ciao ciao!



Lizards are DISGUSTING!!!

Posted in March 2008 with tags , , , , , , , , on March 30, 2008 by globalglamour

Hello peeps! OMG, it feels like it’s been forever since I wrote in my blog! Lol, obviously it hasn’t; anyways I’ve been really busy with hmmm….oh practicaly everything! I’m about to take my AS Level exams back in England in May/June roundabouts and uhmm…I always plan to study (no really I do; I have like a diary saying MUST STUDY BIOLOGY – hmm let me tell from experience that it soooo doesn’t work); quite frankly I think I’m slightly pathetic!

OMG, you’d never believe what happened to me the other day…

Whilst I was/tried sweeping the floor -yes I was cleaning- I found that I hadn’t gathered any dirt, now either my house is really clean all by it’s self or the dirt is just hiding!! Anywayz I thought that, you know I had to find some dirt to prove to my parents that I had done something. At the time I thought that it was a well good idea; I got my brush/broom thing and found a tiny lil’ area full of shit (not real shit but you know dust)!

I started sticking my brush in gathering all this dirt in a neat little pile when all in a fucking second, I saw a swarm of digusting dust covered lizards making a break towards me!!! I fucking screeched like a banshee and ran the fuck away!!! Ewww….they just looked so slimy and crawly!!! Shit; it’s giving me crazy shivers just thinking about it!!

I’m scarred for life; no people really I am! Anyway I have to get back to studying…grrr….

Love you lots!