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Conrad VS Montag

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Hmm…Lauren Conrad versus Heidi Montag this is such a publicized dilema, lol they make it sound worse than it actually is! I mean aren’t there worst bitch fights than these two?? I know it’s a reality show and that they should moderate their language and shit, but lol didn’t they say REALITY; hmm not very realistic to me…

Let’s review these catty women:

Lauren Katherine Conrad….ooohhh….looking saucy don’t you think?? Does anyone know how to put that make-up on??? Please comment or e-mail me!!! 



Her full name sounds kinda weird, lol; right now she’s just kicked off the premiere party of the “Hills Season 3” – wait is this her job, does she get money outta it?? Anywayz I’m finding her slightly annoying nowadayz she’s always such a goody goody; acting as though you know she’s a saint about Brody and Audrina – which is pretty stupid – I would care and blow my cap off!!! I mean that’s well bitchy, I bet she had some sudden urge to pounce on her and rip their skins off…hehehe. Well in “Laguna Beach” she was my favourite character; she still is my favourite character but I dunno she’s getting boring…nothing amazing happening than the typical…

Hmm…but that well-known shouting competition between her and Heidi Montag…that’s about as exciting it got for me, and even then Lauren was the typical “I’m not going to swear and be the good one and walk away”. Grrr…if some bitch spread a rumour about me videoing myself having sex, -which hasn’t happened lol…yet…hahaha joke!- that reached my parents’ ears all the way back home, I would fucking slap the whore and grind her puny body into the nearest wall! Wait what did Lauren do?? This was her great come back was: “You know what you did!” – what the fuck?!?!

I think Heidi won that round.

Heidi Montag. Shit, can she look any more demented??



I mean does anyone know how many plastic surgeries she’s under gone??? I know she’s had a nose and boob job; and maybe a chin…oh no that’s what I thought she should have lol. Assuming that everyone’s watched her video “Higher” – you all then know that her hands were spread out like crazy out there! Bless her she’s trying though; lol I really don’t get why she just didn’t hire a producer director person…then she would have a lot less hate mail! And is it me or is she actually posing for the paparazzi…pretty hypocritical after she’s just told everyone that Lauren is so stuck in the Hollywood biz.

Quite frankly I think that little miss fake booby skinny bat fingered bikini woman is slightly jealous that the show is centred round lil’ miss goody two shoes.

I’d prefer the goody girl over the fake bitch any day. What about you people??

Oh yeah another issue: Spencer Pratt, his last name suits him completely. Actucally them two are good for each other, don’t you think?? He’s like 20’s why does he dress like my 11 year old brother and he really looks like this weird cartoon;

Spencer meets his long lost cartoon brother…gives me the creeps and he also looks like Ryan Tedder that One Republic lead singer….

beavis-writing.jpgspency.jpg.and.ryan-tedder.jpg hmph!

What d’you lot think?? lol







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‘ello, people!! Have you ever looked at anything and just wanted to bite it thinking it’s some sort of fantastical sweet or secretly delicious thing that you have have have to just eat?? LOL! I have, it’s fucking MAC’s latest make-up line “Henrietta”!!! I haven’t seen it in real life or anything but the pictures of it look so mmm….yummy!!!

Seriously, it’s making me fat. Lol, I bet your wandering how because it’s just make-up; but NO you can…every time I look at the bloody thing I feel hungry for something sweet, and so I take my fat arse over to the fridge, cupboard or my secret stash of goodies and binge like crazy!!! Look at the pic. at you’ll understand why and this bloggerz like on a MAC make-up craze and a bit anti-Vanessa Hudgens hehehe.

Anyway…today I went out with my very intellectual friend called hmmm…I’ll call him M.J…lol all the way from the isolated area up in the mountains; who funnily enough loves his dogs! I guess bloody well what!!! I have fucking dog flea bites all over my bloody body!! How the fuck?? I’m so pissed of, grrrrrrrrr…I hate them bloody dogs! What’s fucking ironic is that I’m scratching like one, lol I have a bite behind my ear…it’s funny but also very very very annoying!!! I think I got it from the sofa in the mall I feel like crying, I’m dog infected. – I’ll post the pics up tomorrow –

Does anyone know how long this itch for?? Cuz I think I’m losing my mind…I hate feeling ITCHY!

Actually puppies nowadayz are very fashionable for celebrities!!! I’m thinking why??

1. paris_hilton2.jpg      2. nicole_richie.jpg 


3. hillary-and-dog.jpg     4. mischa-barton-dog-400a0423.jpg       5. ashlee_simpson.jpg 


Hmm…maybe they genuinely adopted their dogs at around-about the same time, hehehe funny coincidence?? What d’you lot think??

Talk to you lot later!