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Lizards are DISGUSTING!!!

Posted in March 2008 with tags , , , , , , , , on March 30, 2008 by globalglamour

Hello peeps! OMG, it feels like it’s been forever since I wrote in my blog! Lol, obviously it hasn’t; anyways I’ve been really busy with hmmm….oh practicaly everything! I’m about to take my AS Level exams back in England in May/June roundabouts and uhmm…I always plan to study (no really I do; I have like a diary saying MUST STUDY BIOLOGY – hmm let me tell from experience that it soooo doesn’t work); quite frankly I think I’m slightly pathetic!

OMG, you’d never believe what happened to me the other day…

Whilst I was/tried sweeping the floor -yes I was cleaning- I found that I hadn’t gathered any dirt, now either my house is really clean all by it’s self or the dirt is just hiding!! Anywayz I thought that, you know I had to find some dirt to prove to my parents that I had done something. At the time I thought that it was a well good idea; I got my brush/broom thing and found a tiny lil’ area full of shit (not real shit but you know dust)!

I started sticking my brush in gathering all this dirt in a neat little pile when all in a fucking second, I saw a swarm of digusting dust covered lizards making a break towards me!!! I fucking screeched like a banshee and ran the fuck away!!! Ewww….they just looked so slimy and crawly!!! Shit; it’s giving me crazy shivers just thinking about it!!

I’m scarred for life; no people really I am! Anyway I have to get back to studying…grrr….

Love you lots!