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‘ello, people!! Have you ever looked at anything and just wanted to bite it thinking it’s some sort of fantastical sweet or secretly delicious thing that you have have have to just eat?? LOL! I have, it’s fucking MAC’s latest make-up line “Henrietta”!!! I haven’t seen it in real life or anything but the pictures of it look so mmm….yummy!!!

Seriously, it’s making me fat. Lol, I bet your wandering how because it’s just make-up; but NO you can…every time I look at the bloody thing I feel hungry for something sweet, and so I take my fat arse over to the fridge, cupboard or my secret stash of goodies and binge like crazy!!! Look at the pic. at you’ll understand why and this bloggerz like on a MAC make-up craze and a bit anti-Vanessa Hudgens hehehe.

Anyway…today I went out with my very intellectual friend called hmmm…I’ll call him M.J…lol all the way from the isolated area up in the mountains; who funnily enough loves his dogs! I guess bloody well what!!! I have fucking dog flea bites all over my bloody body!! How the fuck?? I’m so pissed of, grrrrrrrrr…I hate them bloody dogs! What’s fucking ironic is that I’m scratching like one, lol I have a bite behind my ear…it’s funny but also very very very annoying!!! I think I got it from the sofa in the mall I feel like crying, I’m dog infected. – I’ll post the pics up tomorrow –

Does anyone know how long this itch for?? Cuz I think I’m losing my mind…I hate feeling ITCHY!

Actually puppies nowadayz are very fashionable for celebrities!!! I’m thinking why??

1. paris_hilton2.jpg      2. nicole_richie.jpg 


3. hillary-and-dog.jpg     4. mischa-barton-dog-400a0423.jpg       5. ashlee_simpson.jpg 


Hmm…maybe they genuinely adopted their dogs at around-about the same time, hehehe funny coincidence?? What d’you lot think??

Talk to you lot later!




Dumbledore & Gandalf are GAY!

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Lol, why did no one tell me that Gandalf (the actor) was gay?? And oh wait in the book Rowling actually made Dumbledore gay…I’m not anti-gay people or anything; it’s just that you have the picture of a humble great wizard person and all of a sudden J.K. gets bored and makes him GAY! WTF? And wait…why is Gandalf gay…lol stupid question…it shocks me every time, I always thought that he had a fucking wife!!!

To be honest it sort of taints their image to me…wise old men with long white beards wearing long ‘holy’ robe-y things and all of a sudden *BAM* their doing it in the bushes. Those sneaky bastards! Who else knew about this??

Look it’s a sweet innocent looking happy HOMOSEXUAL Dumbledore:


Lol, why’s he gay…nooo…it’s ok I’ll always think of him as a straight old wizard….now time to look at Gandalf and his one true love…I’m being dead serious!


Hmm…actually here he doesn’t look like a wise old wizard too me…lol, his partner doesn’t exactly look that good either!

LOL! what d’you lot think about this couple?!?!






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LOL! You’d never guess what!!! For those people who don’t read the news…I have something o so shocking to reveal to you!! This was all over the internet and kinda happened over a week ago…lol I’ll make a lil’ story out of it anyway….

Once upon a time there was a very horny couple sitting in their red toyota car, just drinking a couple of beers or something; anywayz all of a sudden Crystal (24) had a sudden urge to have wild sex in Mount Zion’s Primitive Baptist Church (who knows why??). Haha doing it on the alter covered in red wax was just such a saucy idea Matthew (28) couldn’t refuse!!!

It would’ve been a great sex story to tell your kids if only they weren’t caught pratically naked hiding somewhere in the church by the police; with their torch lights and guns pointing in all directions!!! How fucking hilarious! Apparently Crystal was caught first, and taken into custody…lol…then she told the police that Matthew was hiding somewhere in the church. What a sour bitch!! Just cuz she got caught first. Lol he was found underneath the church – I’m confused how did that happen??

Lol this is them….

crystal-perve.jpg   …the happy couple…   matthew-perve.jpg

Their charges were “burglary and mischief”….I never knew you could get arrested for mischief lol, so does that mean I could you know, have my little brother and sister arrested?? No offense or anything but that’s just a ridiculous charge!

I bet the pope or priest was like: “You blasphemous, dirty, minging, sex-humping bunnies! God shall curse you…” and all that…but no…instead he said: “I’m not going to judge them” – wateva I bet he already has! Shame I wanted the deacon/priest/pope to go on a witch hunt the couple down or something!!

Oh yeah, when the police asked why they humped like possesed bunnies there she answered: “I wanted a spiritual and sexual experience” – hmmm…why not buy a whole load of crucifixes and holy stuff and pretend they were in a church already?? LOL! some people…hehe

Hmm…I think I might reveal a couple of sex stories about old classmates…hahaha…I’ll never ever understand why boys would ever fuck the ugliest girlz in that school! Maybe they got delusional, yeah very delusional – oh well, it’s not like I’m going out with them!

Tell me what you think people!



A World W/out Guinea-Pigs…

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Hey hey to all my beloved bloggers!! – those few anyway lol – d’you know what I think about animals?? I don’t mean to be anti-animalistic (or wateva people call it…) it’s just that I can’t seem to stand animals with tails!! It just really creeps me out, it’s like a sixth finger on a person…lol no offense to six-fingered people :} really I think the only animals I can stand are fish and guinea-pigs actually I had a guinea pig once…lol am so sad now hahaha no! They stunk so badly!!! My younger sister, Debbie had a small black one and my older sister had a fat brown one and another which was a black and white long-haired guinea-pig! I only loved my own!!! hehehe Lil’ bitches never cleaned the hutch!! Grr…only me! Them little buggars kept pissing and shitting on me! Maybe they thought I was a moving toilet or sumthin. awww my tiny puppets are gone…………..I can’t believe in Ecuador they roast them – apparently they taste yummmy……ewww….I’m vegetarian so I wouldn’t know LOL!

Look at these well cute guinea’s…………………..




This one’s Jerry………………Amy, Lola, Jazz, Co and Tim………..and Alister…………….

Lol, I’m so sad! I reckon without guinea-pigs Ecuadorians would starve, I think I’m gonna start a petition or fund against guinea-pig eaters they’re well mean, they’re piggy haters!!! Dam it! Nooooo……………….actually does anyone know if guinea-pigs have tails?? If they do I will be totally disturbed…and completely upset 😦 ! Then I’ll just have to stick with fish! God, that’d be boring!
People at my old school were such fuckers, they kept saying that guinea-pigs were ugly, bastards I wanna fire a massive torpedo piggy poo at them! Hahaha; they’re such fuckers. What do they know about anything??? Oh, I have a pet that I can just turn off nowadayz…I know I may be too old for this, but does anyone know about “Tamagotchi’s” lol I can just turn them off/pause whenever…which is well convenient. Hahaha…hehehe…

This is what my new lil’ baby looks like:


Anywayz…gotta go…just one insie bitsie question…should I start a “Save the Guinea-Pigs” petition?? (they’ll soon become extinct! then I’ll have no furry friends!!!)

Pleaze comment…



‘ello ma lil’ peeps!

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Hmmm….’ello peeps, went shopping yesterday!! Bought a couple of MAC products…actually I’m lying I could only afford ONE! Dam it, I wish they could give it out free – obviously not to everyone cuz then certain people would be able to wear it…like ahem….no.2 and other shit-heads I mentioned earlier…hehe. I love staying in MAC stores it feels so fresh and clean all the little products put in nice little rows in loads and loads of different colours! Ahhh…


Has anyone read “An Evil Cradling” by Brian Keenan?? – well…don’t it’s so FUCKING BORING!!! Seriously I sympathize his traumatic experience ‘n’ all but quite frankly I don’t understand why he has to make us -the readers – go through it all too! I mean it could’ve been a short story instead! But – no. Instead it’s a 300 page autobiography; making English A-level students read it; I mean the only exciting thing that happens in the whole bloody book was him having really bad diarrhoea! And that was just plain disgusting. But hey  if you like them type of books, knock yourself out!

Right now the book I’m reading is called “NO LOGO” – it’s like really against advertising and billboards and stuff like that…my dad said that it’s supposed to be helpful with my whole Fashion Design course…lol I can’t see it helping me, AH! maybe I’ve been tricked…how cruel and it’s 500 pages! Shit.

Like most people (or at least I think) have showers – in asia anyway – I have a bath and at the top a shower thingy…well this morning as I was putting my normal conditioner, I bent over and to pick up the soap that, yes inconvieniently fell to the floor…and really all of a sudden I landed on my fucking arse! It was SO painful! It would’ve been funny if I didn’t have a bruise on my arse…which now hurts every time I sit down!  

Back to shopping…yesterday me and my sister went shopping in Powerplant and you know I thought that I should take some pics to show you all but then, this stupid ALDO assistant started following us and told us to put the camera away! Urgh, I wanted to slap that bitch! I mean what does she think I’m gonna do – steal the designs?? Do I look like a shoe spy?? LOL NO…DUH! I bet she just wanted to try the shoes as well…I did manage to have some photos taken….


Oooh…sexy platforms…which were sooo expensive!!!

Touching pretty shoes!…also too expensive…grrr…

This is when the silly bitch came up to me, and told me to stop spying on her! LOL!
She was jealous that she couldn’t try the shoes on; dam it…I wanted to get more photos!! Hehe…I wouldn’t of bought any though…way way too expensive. Talk to you lot later…ba-bye…


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Guess what! I’m going on a MAC shopping spree today! Ahhh…I’ve waited for this day for about a week…hmmm…can’t wait to smell the yummy lipstick and smooth, glittery eyeshadow! You know when someone says: “Once you’ve used MAC you won’t want to go back.” It’s bloody true – which is well annoying! I’m spoilt forever!!! Nooo…actually I don’t mind! But you know it is really expensive….I’ll post pics later today!

Yesterday, I went out of town to some place called “Angeles” – it was ok I suppose; but once you live in the capital everything else seems a bit dead. Anywayz…my brother and I were shopping for food and nappies (for my uncle – he’s expecting) and we kinda got bored; here’s how the conversation went:

Me: I dare you to nick something!

B: O.k.

Me: Let’s get some chocolate. I’m hungry.

B: O.k.

Once we got past the counter we were sweating like PIGS! I was so nervous that I would’ve gotten caught!! Never risking that again!! LOL! 

Mmmm….look at W.w. (short for Wentworth)


I’m in lurve with w.w….so keep your hands off of him he’s mine bitches! I know you’re all thinking she’s a deluded crazed woman after a man she’ll never get…hmmm….that’s probably true…god, I’m so depressed now thinking about that! Anyway who’s his girlfriend?? – a nobody to me! Oh well we’ll just have to stick to fantasies then….grrr.



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I dunno why but I get really obsessed really easily…is that like normal for everybody or is it just me?? God, I’m gonna sound like a looney if it’s just me, but then again so is my sister too!! Hahaha so I’m not on my own!! Anywayz at the moment I think I have about 5 major obsessions I just can’t get over…hehehe and most of it’s food…lol…I’m a bit of a big I know…but hey you can’t stop me!!

Do any of you know a really cute cupcake store in Manila…hehehe well I DO!! You can find it in Fort Bonifacio High Street…”Serendra”…it’s a really great place to shop, anywayz there’s a food court area there, round about the desserts area, you can see this really cute ‘n’ cozy shop called “Sonja’s Cupcakes” – GO IN! It has amazing cupcakes…and I – a very loyal customer – visit the shop on a regular basis! So should you, you’d get hooked for life!

Second obssesion (by the way you lot so have to tell your crazy obsessions too!) is Cinnabons, when ever I walk past the store in the Podium, I feel like the cinnabons are talking to me…almost as if they’re saying “EAT ME”. I’m pathetic.

Third obsession; I know for a fact that it’s just not me whoz obsessed with this! I bet you girlies know all about the T.V. series Gossip Girl – what person doesn’t!! Shit, I’m like really hooked, I’ve watched the whole series twice and in the process of finishing it a third time!! – i think its all the glamour and fashion!!!

Fourth obsession – i really think i should be studying – WENTWORTH MILLER!! The first reason why I watch Prison Break…but you know the series is good anyway, just makes it better when the main character is a hot hot hottie!!! mmmm….tasty…hehehe

My final obsession, is fashion/make-up…so typical right?? But I really can’t stop dreaming about what I want from all the shops in Manila…grrr…wish I wuz a millionaire!!

Next post will have the pics of my crazy obsession (and secretly yours!)

Oh well…write to me!! Ba-bye!