Short Entry

Hey peeps it’s been a while…I’ve been studying again…lol but I don’t think I’m learning anything!! I’ve resorted to teaching my fan (yes my fan) all about mitosis and meiosis; hmmm…it’s so effing confusing!! Why do they have to sound the same??

Grrr…anyway…have to warn you people that I might not blog for awhile…like around the time of my exams…that’s in May! God, I’d be so so so relieved when they’re over – I really hate all of my subjects – in all of my assignments I’m failing. LOL, not a very good sign… Actually, I think it’s kinda depressing failing, but seriously what can I do about it right??

For those who don’t live in the Philippines or anywhere baking hot! I have to tell you, you’re bloody lucky motha fucka…lol I hate the feeling of the heat!!!! Grrr….

I have to go again peeps but I’ll try and post more pics up!!

Love ya loads




One Response to “Short Entry”

  1. angryxtian Says:

    Isn’t mitosis and meiosis about evolution?

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