Shopping…and erm…posing…

Hey! Went shopping the other day with my mum, sis  and brother!! All we bloody well did sit down in shops stare at the clothes and eat!!! Grrr…I’m starting to feel extra flab around my stomach and thighs…shit… Oh well the chunkie chocolate cookies and triple chocolate mousse (not sure if it’s the write spelling!) cake was just toooo tasty!! There’s nowhere in the Philippines with type of cake – trust me I’ve been looking – and for those who live here; I strongly suggest you go to “BO’s Coffee” and buy the gorgeous chocolaty cake!!! *Mmmm feel like some now*

Here are the pics peeps!

Me and my lover!! LOL, every gurlz perfect partner...don\'t you think?? 

“Me and my lover!!! It’s every gurlz perfect partner…don’t you think??”

“LOL, my sister thinks she’s Jesus!!! Fuck, look at my face though…it’s like I’m falling in love…NOT!”

“You know what…I actually like looking green…hehehe…”

“Uhmm…me au naturel…and delicious cake!”

“LOL, me green again…ahhhh…with MAC, my babies…that I still need to buy! Hehehe…look at that man, hehehe looks like a goblin!”

“He wants my cake…’s me and my brother lol…guess who’s older…”

Talk  to you later peeps!! Ciao ciao…



3 Responses to “Shopping…and erm…posing…”

  1. Hey, how did you know about my site? You an Olay girl too?

  2. Crazybaby Says:

    Fuck is the cool loking boy older than you? And I like the pictures they look kind of pro(Joke just trying to make you feel better)! Have to go caio caio as you say! Hehehehe.

  3. That choco ckae looks good! As do your outfits!

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