Lol, I feel like I’m dying today…

Here are the photos of me out with M.J…

Lol I dunno how to take a proper photo…wat a dumbarse


This is M.J. after eating a shrimp…ewww…
Hehehe posing after peeing…lol I washed my hands!
Mint Cupcake…mmm….

Ahhh…cupcake heaven…blogger meet peppermint, peppermint meet blogger
People, you have just met my one true crazy love, lol forget that they’re lethal, making me fat spotty and broke – I don’t need them…I just you know kinda want them…hmm…evil fuckerz…grrr…
Hey, does anyone know if cupcakes are pastries??




6 Responses to “Dead.”

  1. hey there. Thanks for the comment. I like ur blog… its funky. Cool pics 😉

  2. Very chic. . .thanks for dropping by my site also. 😀

  3. Thanks for dropping a comment on our page. After checking a bit on your entries, I realized that you’re a Filipina (am I right?) I got lots of good friends there in the Philippines. Nice place. Nice people.

    Keep posting good stuffs and ramdom thoughts. 🙂

  4. Crazybaby Says:

    I like cupcakes too I especially like the green one (mint) I’ve tried it before also the other one but I prefer the green one. This woman is werid but yeah u get the point……..

  5. dipdapdebbie Says:

    I agree with crazybaby ………:))

  6. dipdapdebbie Says:

    I mean 🙂

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