Dumbledore & Gandalf are GAY!

Lol, why did no one tell me that Gandalf (the actor) was gay?? And oh wait in the book Rowling actually made Dumbledore gay…I’m not anti-gay people or anything; it’s just that you have the picture of a humble great wizard person and all of a sudden J.K. gets bored and makes him GAY! WTF? And wait…why is Gandalf gay…lol stupid question…it shocks me every time, I always thought that he had a fucking wife!!!

To be honest it sort of taints their image to me…wise old men with long white beards wearing long ‘holy’ robe-y things and all of a sudden *BAM* their doing it in the bushes. Those sneaky bastards! Who else knew about this??

Look it’s a sweet innocent looking happy HOMOSEXUAL Dumbledore:


Lol, why’s he gay…nooo…it’s ok I’ll always think of him as a straight old wizard….now time to look at Gandalf and his one true love…I’m being dead serious!


Hmm…actually here he doesn’t look like a wise old wizard too me…lol, his partner doesn’t exactly look that good either!

LOL! what d’you lot think about this couple?!?!






2 Responses to “Dumbledore & Gandalf are GAY!”

  1. The thought of Dumbledore having ANY sort of sexual fantasies weirded me out as well. He’s supposed to be asexual and non-human like that!

    But I’ve long accepted Gay Dumbledore – just imagine him younger, beardless and no half-moon glasses. And avoid thinking about them “*BAM* doing it in bushes” at all costs! Ha!

  2. Crazybaby Says:

    WOW!!! I never knew that Dulmbledore was GAY!!! That’s reaally wierd!!!!

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