LOL! You’d never guess what!!! For those people who don’t read the news…I have something o so shocking to reveal to you!! This was all over the internet and kinda happened over a week ago…lol I’ll make a lil’ story out of it anyway….

Once upon a time there was a very horny couple sitting in their red toyota car, just drinking a couple of beers or something; anywayz all of a sudden Crystal (24) had a sudden urge to have wild sex in Mount Zion’s Primitive Baptist Church (who knows why??). Haha doing it on the alter covered in red wax was just such a saucy idea Matthew (28) couldn’t refuse!!!

It would’ve been a great sex story to tell your kids if only they weren’t caught pratically naked hiding somewhere in the church by the police; with their torch lights and guns pointing in all directions!!! How fucking hilarious! Apparently Crystal was caught first, and taken into custody…lol…then she told the police that Matthew was hiding somewhere in the church. What a sour bitch!! Just cuz she got caught first. Lol he was found underneath the church – I’m confused how did that happen??

Lol this is them….

crystal-perve.jpg   …the happy couple…   matthew-perve.jpg

Their charges were “burglary and mischief”….I never knew you could get arrested for mischief lol, so does that mean I could you know, have my little brother and sister arrested?? No offense or anything but that’s just a ridiculous charge!

I bet the pope or priest was like: “You blasphemous, dirty, minging, sex-humping bunnies! God shall curse you…” and all that…but no…instead he said: “I’m not going to judge them” – wateva I bet he already has! Shame I wanted the deacon/priest/pope to go on a witch hunt the couple down or something!!

Oh yeah, when the police asked why they humped like possesed bunnies there she answered: “I wanted a spiritual and sexual experience” – hmmm…why not buy a whole load of crucifixes and holy stuff and pretend they were in a church already?? LOL! some people…hehe

Hmm…I think I might reveal a couple of sex stories about old classmates…hahaha…I’ll never ever understand why boys would ever fuck the ugliest girlz in that school! Maybe they got delusional, yeah very delusional – oh well, it’s not like I’m going out with them!

Tell me what you think people!




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