‘ello ma lil’ peeps!

Hmmm….’ello peeps, went shopping yesterday!! Bought a couple of MAC products…actually I’m lying I could only afford ONE! Dam it, I wish they could give it out free – obviously not to everyone cuz then certain people would be able to wear it…like ahem….no.2 and other shit-heads I mentioned earlier…hehe. I love staying in MAC stores it feels so fresh and clean all the little products put in nice little rows in loads and loads of different colours! Ahhh…


Has anyone read “An Evil Cradling” by Brian Keenan?? – well…don’t it’s so FUCKING BORING!!! Seriously I sympathize his traumatic experience ‘n’ all but quite frankly I don’t understand why he has to make us -the readers – go through it all too! I mean it could’ve been a short story instead! But – no. Instead it’s a 300 page autobiography; making English A-level students read it; I mean the only exciting thing that happens in the whole bloody book was him having really bad diarrhoea! And that was just plain disgusting. But hey  if you like them type of books, knock yourself out!

Right now the book I’m reading is called “NO LOGO” – it’s like really against advertising and billboards and stuff like that…my dad said that it’s supposed to be helpful with my whole Fashion Design course…lol I can’t see it helping me, AH! maybe I’ve been tricked…how cruel and it’s 500 pages! Shit.

Like most people (or at least I think) have showers – in asia anyway – I have a bath and at the top a shower thingy…well this morning as I was putting my normal conditioner, I bent over and to pick up the soap that, yes inconvieniently fell to the floor…and really all of a sudden I landed on my fucking arse! It was SO painful! It would’ve been funny if I didn’t have a bruise on my arse…which now hurts every time I sit down!  

Back to shopping…yesterday me and my sister went shopping in Powerplant and you know I thought that I should take some pics to show you all but then, this stupid ALDO assistant started following us and told us to put the camera away! Urgh, I wanted to slap that bitch! I mean what does she think I’m gonna do – steal the designs?? Do I look like a shoe spy?? LOL NO…DUH! I bet she just wanted to try the shoes as well…I did manage to have some photos taken….


Oooh…sexy platforms…which were sooo expensive!!!

Touching pretty shoes!…also too expensive…grrr…

This is when the silly bitch came up to me, and told me to stop spying on her! LOL!
She was jealous that she couldn’t try the shoes on; dam it…I wanted to get more photos!! Hehe…I wouldn’t of bought any though…way way too expensive. Talk to you lot later…ba-bye…


4 Responses to “‘ello ma lil’ peeps!”

  1. aw I hate it when gorgeous things are ridiculously expensive. You’re so pretty, not to be creepy..lol. Would you like to trade links?

  2. Hey girl,

    just to let you know that I’ve linked you.

    Great shoes there.


  3. The shoesies are fabb!! 🙂

    And yes, will contact if i need one! 🙂

  4. Crazybaby Says:

    Ahhh, I so want those shoes, there really gorgeous!!

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