A World W/out Guinea-Pigs…

Hey hey to all my beloved bloggers!! – those few anyway lol – d’you know what I think about animals?? I don’t mean to be anti-animalistic (or wateva people call it…) it’s just that I can’t seem to stand animals with tails!! It just really creeps me out, it’s like a sixth finger on a person…lol no offense to six-fingered people :} really I think the only animals I can stand are fish and guinea-pigs actually I had a guinea pig once…lol am so sad now hahaha no! They stunk so badly!!! My younger sister, Debbie had a small black one and my older sister had a fat brown one and another which was a black and white long-haired guinea-pig! I only loved my own!!! hehehe Lil’ bitches never cleaned the hutch!! Grr…only me! Them little buggars kept pissing and shitting on me! Maybe they thought I was a moving toilet or sumthin. awww my tiny puppets are gone…………..I can’t believe in Ecuador they roast them – apparently they taste yummmy……ewww….I’m vegetarian so I wouldn’t know LOL!

Look at these well cute guinea’s…………………..




This one’s Jerry………………Amy, Lola, Jazz, Co and Tim………..and Alister…………….

Lol, I’m so sad! I reckon without guinea-pigs Ecuadorians would starve, I think I’m gonna start a petition or fund against guinea-pig eaters they’re well mean, they’re piggy haters!!! Dam it! Nooooo……………….actually does anyone know if guinea-pigs have tails?? If they do I will be totally disturbed…and completely upset 😦 ! Then I’ll just have to stick with fish! God, that’d be boring!
People at my old school were such fuckers, they kept saying that guinea-pigs were ugly, bastards I wanna fire a massive torpedo piggy poo at them! Hahaha; they’re such fuckers. What do they know about anything??? Oh, I have a pet that I can just turn off nowadayz…I know I may be too old for this, but does anyone know about “Tamagotchi’s” lol I can just turn them off/pause whenever…which is well convenient. Hahaha…hehehe…

This is what my new lil’ baby looks like:


Anywayz…gotta go…just one insie bitsie question…should I start a “Save the Guinea-Pigs” petition?? (they’ll soon become extinct! then I’ll have no furry friends!!!)

Pleaze comment…




4 Responses to “A World W/out Guinea-Pigs…”

  1. Unfortunately, Guinea Pigs are rodents and do indeed have a tail, but it is hard to see. They may be cute, but yah, tails, sorry. Looks like it’s fish for you. Not all fish are boring however, you have sturgeon for example that I used to fish for in Washington. They have no bones, but rather an exoskeleton complete with spines. Might want to throw in sharks too, you can never have enough sharks.

  2. You might want to taker a look at your header graphic. The far right face’s glasses intersect with the “B” in Bitches making it unreadable.

  3. I used to have a Giga pet that worked like that!
    and as far as guinea pigs- I have 2 hamsters but no guinea pig, my hamsters have small little stubby tails though.

  4. Crazybaby Says:

    Ain’t those guinea pigs so cute and fluffy!

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