Guess what! I’m going on a MAC shopping spree today! Ahhh…I’ve waited for this day for about a week…hmmm…can’t wait to smell the yummy lipstick and smooth, glittery eyeshadow! You know when someone says: “Once you’ve used MAC you won’t want to go back.” It’s bloody true – which is well annoying! I’m spoilt forever!!! Nooo…actually I don’t mind! But you know it is really expensive….I’ll post pics later today!

Yesterday, I went out of town to some place called “Angeles” – it was ok I suppose; but once you live in the capital everything else seems a bit dead. Anywayz…my brother and I were shopping for food and nappies (for my uncle – he’s expecting) and we kinda got bored; here’s how the conversation went:

Me: I dare you to nick something!

B: O.k.

Me: Let’s get some chocolate. I’m hungry.

B: O.k.

Once we got past the counter we were sweating like PIGS! I was so nervous that I would’ve gotten caught!! Never risking that again!! LOL! 

Mmmm….look at W.w. (short for Wentworth)


I’m in lurve with w.w….so keep your hands off of him he’s mine bitches! I know you’re all thinking she’s a deluded crazed woman after a man she’ll never get…hmmm….that’s probably true…god, I’m so depressed now thinking about that! Anyway who’s his girlfriend?? – a nobody to me! Oh well we’ll just have to stick to fantasies then….grrr.



2 Responses to “Ooohh!”

  1. Thanks for reading my blog. I read your posts so far. You’re funny and I will keep reading. I’m obsessed with things too, like entertainment/celebrity gossip. ha ha. Good luck blogging!

  2. Crazybaby Says:

    This is one of the best blog website’s I’ve ever seen!!!

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