I dunno why but I get really obsessed really easily…is that like normal for everybody or is it just me?? God, I’m gonna sound like a looney if it’s just me, but then again so is my sister too!! Hahaha so I’m not on my own!! Anywayz at the moment I think I have about 5 major obsessions I just can’t get over…hehehe and most of it’s food…lol…I’m a bit of a big I know…but hey you can’t stop me!!

Do any of you know a really cute cupcake store in Manila…hehehe well I DO!! You can find it in Fort Bonifacio High Street…”Serendra”…it’s a really great place to shop, anywayz there’s a food court area there, round about the desserts area, you can see this really cute ‘n’ cozy shop called “Sonja’s Cupcakes” – GO IN! It has amazing cupcakes…and I – a very loyal customer – visit the shop on a regular basis! So should you, you’d get hooked for life!

Second obssesion (by the way you lot so have to tell your crazy obsessions too!) is Cinnabons, when ever I walk past the store in the Podium, I feel like the cinnabons are talking to me…almost as if they’re saying “EAT ME”. I’m pathetic.

Third obsession; I know for a fact that it’s just not me whoz obsessed with this! I bet you girlies know all about the T.V. series Gossip Girl – what person doesn’t!! Shit, I’m like really hooked, I’ve watched the whole series twice and in the process of finishing it a third time!! – i think its all the glamour and fashion!!!

Fourth obsession – i really think i should be studying – WENTWORTH MILLER!! The first reason why I watch Prison Break…but you know the series is good anyway, just makes it better when the main character is a hot hot hottie!!! mmmm….tasty…hehehe

My final obsession, is fashion/make-up…so typical right?? But I really can’t stop dreaming about what I want from all the shops in Manila…grrr…wish I wuz a millionaire!!

Next post will have the pics of my crazy obsession (and secretly yours!)

Oh well…write to me!! Ba-bye!




  1. hi.. can i add you to my links? i am interested with your entries.. 🙂

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