Totally GUTED! – 17/03/2008

Grrr…le bitch number 2; decided to dress up for a bloody party…I’m so annoyed now!! God! I hate it when this happens, I’m sitting in my pj’s and she’s off wearing “trendy” clothes I mean WTF. Now she’s getting all cocky, I just can’t stand cocky people…maybe for a bit…Oh well, it just makes competition all the more exciting. Damm…I really wish I could upload a photo of her…hmm…and mess around with it… I’d print it out and stick it up on my wall!! – no that’s so demented.

Hmph…d’you know what really ticks me off about heat?? Is the sweat dripping down my forehead, and the sticky feeling when it dries up – ITS SO GROSS! I get really pissed off with people who hug, kiss or even pat my back when I’m sweating like a pickled pig!! Grr…I curse all you people who have done that to me!! I live in the capital of the Philippines…Manila…and let me tell you (for all those who don’t live here) it’s crazy fucking hot!! This may be an exaggeration to some people but, I’m not a hot-country lover; but I am a Manila Malls crazy!!! :p There are like a million malls here and right now….my favourite is Powerplant/Rockwell – I prefer saying powerplant because it reminds me of the powerpuff girls; LOL so gay. I think I should sort of study now…I have to take some major exams in June this year back in England – I dunno how I’m gonna pass in English when I sound like a retard…LOL! Chat later!




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