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Hey peeps…I know it’s been such a long time but, I’ve been studying my bloody arse off all this time (I know too shocking to believe!)! Anyway…just to let you lil’ people know…I’m going back to England next Wednesday and I can’t fucking wait!!!

Hehehe…I’m going to go shopping at H&M, have fish and chips at the Pier and ….shit…take them bloody EXAMS!!

Oh…hmmm…well best get studying again!

ciao ciao!



Short Entry

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Hey peeps it’s been a while…I’ve been studying again…lol but I don’t think I’m learning anything!! I’ve resorted to teaching my fan (yes my fan) all about mitosis and meiosis; hmmm…it’s so effing confusing!! Why do they have to sound the same??

Grrr…anyway…have to warn you people that I might not blog for awhile…like around the time of my exams…that’s in May! God, I’d be so so so relieved when they’re over – I really hate all of my subjects – in all of my assignments I’m failing. LOL, not a very good sign… Actually, I think it’s kinda depressing failing, but seriously what can I do about it right??

For those who don’t live in the Philippines or anywhere baking hot! I have to tell you, you’re bloody lucky motha fucka…lol I hate the feeling of the heat!!!! Grrr….

I have to go again peeps but I’ll try and post more pics up!!

Love ya loads



Shopping…and erm…posing…

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Hey! Went shopping the other day with my mum, sis  and brother!! All we bloody well did sit down in shops stare at the clothes and eat!!! Grrr…I’m starting to feel extra flab around my stomach and thighs…shit… Oh well the chunkie chocolate cookies and triple chocolate mousse (not sure if it’s the write spelling!) cake was just toooo tasty!! There’s nowhere in the Philippines with type of cake – trust me I’ve been looking – and for those who live here; I strongly suggest you go to “BO’s Coffee” and buy the gorgeous chocolaty cake!!! *Mmmm feel like some now*

Here are the pics peeps!

Me and my lover!! LOL, every gurlz perfect partner...don\'t you think?? 

“Me and my lover!!! It’s every gurlz perfect partner…don’t you think??”

“LOL, my sister thinks she’s Jesus!!! Fuck, look at my face though…it’s like I’m falling in love…NOT!”

“You know what…I actually like looking green…hehehe…”

“Uhmm…me au naturel…and delicious cake!”

“LOL, me green again…ahhhh…with MAC, my babies…that I still need to buy! Hehehe…look at that man, hehehe looks like a goblin!”

“He wants my cake…hahaha..it’s me and my brother lol…guess who’s older…”

Talk  to you later peeps!! Ciao ciao…


Fashion Facts

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Hmm…I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’ve come up with a couple of “Fashion Facts” will may or may not be any use to you people…anywayz…just thought it be a great idea if I posted them up! LOL! When I wrote these I don’t mean that I follow them religiously it’s just what I take these pointers as facts… ok??

So uhm here they are:

1. Heels are always better than flats (lol, this is coming from a flat-shoes obssessed woman) although flats are comfier than heels during the majority of the time…but hey wouldn’t you prefer it a gorgeous man saw you at your tallest, and your best bumalicious moment?? Hehehe…oh yeah kitten heels don’t count; they just give you thicker thighs – that is a fact. Now feast your eyes on these…

    black-suede-pumps.jpg  yummy-blue.jpg  black-wedges.jpg

These are all from the TOPSHOP website ( www.topshop.co.uk ) lol am in love with them!!!

2. Always carry a to-die-for-bag! Hmmm…right now I’m obssessed with my patent black handbag with a big zip at the side…however I feel as though I’m getting bored of it…which breaks my heart to think of! Anywayz just in case all of you are wandering; I know exactly what to put in your bag. You need a mobile phone, wallet (w/ money – lol -), notebook (for random records/inspiration??), lipstick and lip-gloss, a pen (preferably one with a cap on), keys, compact, safety pins (you never know when something just rips!), a map of wherever your staying, address book/diary, tissues, comb and mints! Look at these yummy mama’s hanging off bloody celebrities with tons and tons of money!!


…lol am soooo depressed now…

3. Don’t ever forget your sunglasses!!! Especially when you’re having an especially crappy day or you forget to put on more mascara, or you get lazy and don’t put any on! – LOL, I never ever forget to bring my sunglasses…and plus it makes people feel more intimidated…haha lurve to see people squirm! Oh yeah for those who are wandering…it’s best to have a range of types of sunglasses. This is so that you have like a cheap pair for swimming, nice flashy ones for shopping, plain glossy ones for random things and maybe a pair of trendy glasses to funk up your outfit!! Take a look at these…

black-glasses.jpg    white-heart-glasses.jpg   aviators.jpg   (Pics from www.topshop.co.uk)

4. LIPGLOSS! No one likes to see a pair of chapped, dull ugly coloured lips, lol put us outta our misery and put a bit of shinny lippy on! Lipgloss and sunglasses on you’re good to go and hide the rest of your features! Lol, actually don’t forget the foundation…concealer…and blusher…and uhm don’t take your sunglasses off! Hehehe

5. Accessorize…or be ready to anyway…when I go out I always wear at least two pieces of jewelry, normally earrings paired with something else. I don’t understand people who go out wearing no jewelry hmmm…peeps you have to learn how to funk up your clothing or add a bit of style into your outfit!! Look at these they’re from topshop and I really really want them!

pink-rose.jpg  white-ring.jpg coin-ring.jpg

 There are more rules/facts of Globalglamour’s style…but hey I’ll tell you my secrets later!



Lizards are DISGUSTING!!!

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Hello peeps! OMG, it feels like it’s been forever since I wrote in my blog! Lol, obviously it hasn’t; anyways I’ve been really busy with hmmm….oh practicaly everything! I’m about to take my AS Level exams back in England in May/June roundabouts and uhmm…I always plan to study (no really I do; I have like a diary saying MUST STUDY BIOLOGY – hmm let me tell from experience that it soooo doesn’t work); quite frankly I think I’m slightly pathetic!

OMG, you’d never believe what happened to me the other day…

Whilst I was/tried sweeping the floor -yes I was cleaning- I found that I hadn’t gathered any dirt, now either my house is really clean all by it’s self or the dirt is just hiding!! Anywayz I thought that, you know I had to find some dirt to prove to my parents that I had done something. At the time I thought that it was a well good idea; I got my brush/broom thing and found a tiny lil’ area full of shit (not real shit but you know dust)!

I started sticking my brush in gathering all this dirt in a neat little pile when all in a fucking second, I saw a swarm of digusting dust covered lizards making a break towards me!!! I fucking screeched like a banshee and ran the fuck away!!! Ewww….they just looked so slimy and crawly!!! Shit; it’s giving me crazy shivers just thinking about it!!

I’m scarred for life; no people really I am! Anyway I have to get back to studying…grrr….

Love you lots!



Conrad VS Montag

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Hmm…Lauren Conrad versus Heidi Montag this is such a publicized dilema, lol they make it sound worse than it actually is! I mean aren’t there worst bitch fights than these two?? I know it’s a reality show and that they should moderate their language and shit, but lol didn’t they say REALITY; hmm not very realistic to me…

Let’s review these catty women:

Lauren Katherine Conrad….ooohhh….looking saucy don’t you think?? Does anyone know how to put that make-up on??? Please comment or e-mail me!!! 



Her full name sounds kinda weird, lol; right now she’s just kicked off the premiere party of the “Hills Season 3” – wait is this her job, does she get money outta it?? Anywayz I’m finding her slightly annoying nowadayz she’s always such a goody goody; acting as though you know she’s a saint about Brody and Audrina – which is pretty stupid – I would care and blow my cap off!!! I mean that’s well bitchy, I bet she had some sudden urge to pounce on her and rip their skins off…hehehe. Well in “Laguna Beach” she was my favourite character; she still is my favourite character but I dunno she’s getting boring…nothing amazing happening than the typical…

Hmm…but that well-known shouting competition between her and Heidi Montag…that’s about as exciting it got for me, and even then Lauren was the typical “I’m not going to swear and be the good one and walk away”. Grrr…if some bitch spread a rumour about me videoing myself having sex, -which hasn’t happened lol…yet…hahaha joke!- that reached my parents’ ears all the way back home, I would fucking slap the whore and grind her puny body into the nearest wall! Wait what did Lauren do?? This was her great come back was: “You know what you did!” – what the fuck?!?!

I think Heidi won that round.

Heidi Montag. Shit, can she look any more demented??



I mean does anyone know how many plastic surgeries she’s under gone??? I know she’s had a nose and boob job; and maybe a chin…oh no that’s what I thought she should have lol. Assuming that everyone’s watched her video “Higher” – you all then know that her hands were spread out like crazy out there! Bless her she’s trying though; lol I really don’t get why she just didn’t hire a producer director person…then she would have a lot less hate mail! And is it me or is she actually posing for the paparazzi…pretty hypocritical after she’s just told everyone that Lauren is so stuck in the Hollywood biz.

Quite frankly I think that little miss fake booby skinny bat fingered bikini woman is slightly jealous that the show is centred round lil’ miss goody two shoes.

I’d prefer the goody girl over the fake bitch any day. What about you people??

Oh yeah another issue: Spencer Pratt, his last name suits him completely. Actucally them two are good for each other, don’t you think?? He’s like 20’s why does he dress like my 11 year old brother and he really looks like this weird cartoon;

Spencer meets his long lost cartoon brother…gives me the creeps and he also looks like Ryan Tedder that One Republic lead singer….

beavis-writing.jpgspency.jpg.and.ryan-tedder.jpg hmph!

What d’you lot think?? lol






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Lol, I feel like I’m dying today…

Here are the photos of me out with M.J…

Lol I dunno how to take a proper photo…wat a dumbarse


This is M.J. after eating a shrimp…ewww…
Hehehe posing after peeing…lol I washed my hands!
Mint Cupcake…mmm….

Ahhh…cupcake heaven…blogger meet peppermint, peppermint meet blogger
People, you have just met my one true crazy love, lol forget that they’re lethal, making me fat spotty and broke – I don’t need them…I just you know kinda want them…hmm…evil fuckerz…grrr…
Hey, does anyone know if cupcakes are pastries??